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Summer Beers & Ideas

Over summer, with a nod to Singularity University, we asked our people how they could positively impact a billion people tomorrow. We wanted ideas elevated to the next level. In the weeks ahead we heard 26 pitches, a mix of innovative, practical, abstract and sometimes hilarious ideas. But most surprising was the enthusiasm. Many were up for the challenge, and everyone looked forward to Friday afternoon.

First, to clarify the obvious: a billion people tomorrow is not really what we expected. But the point we emphasised through the Mainbrace Summer Beers & Ideas program was that we wanted big ideas from the team. We would meet each Friday for a month and, over a beer, hear different teams pitch their ideas.

Ideas not necessarily focused on our own business but those with broader scope, industry-wide or further.

We heard some beauties and even without the ideas, in reflection the exercise was valuable. The team structure encouraged camaraderie. A winner was voted each Friday, engaging the audience and providing a competitive edge.

Pitches did not need to be time-consuming. Teams had five minutes to present their idea and for those of us watching, enjoying a well-earned beer, it quickly became one of the highlights of the week.

Now we move into the next phase. Our people voted on some of the best ideas based on their potential impact, feasibility and likelihood of business support. Here’s the top four:

  1. Eradicate the 6-day working week on sites
  2. Skip the bin App – war on construction waste
  3. Industry portal to verify Certificate of Currency online
  4. Reusable, recyclable, compostable hoardings


There’ll be more to come on each of these ideas in coming weeks. We’ll be seeking feedback on some of the finer points – from our team, our network, any anyone else interested in making a positive impact. Let’s see which ideas make the leap to real-world application.

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