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A welcoming space where everyone can thrive: Why our female team members choose a career at Mainbrace

Construction is a heavily male-dominated industry, with just 13% of the sector’s workforce comprised of women. At Mainbrace, we’re taking steps to bridge this gap by providing opportunities regardless of gender, and we’re so proud of the incredibly skilled, talented and knowledgeable women we have on our teams. Here, two of our inspiring female team members share their experiences at Mainbrace and offer their advice to women interested in a career in construction.

Equal opportunities to succeed

Beginning your first full-time job is an exciting yet nail-biting time for any young person. And if you’re a female entering a heavily male-dominated industry, that’s a whole different story!

But Christine Tran knew she’d found a welcoming place to build her successful career at Mainbrace. And that’s continued since her very first day as a cadet in 2019.

“It was a bit daunting because I was 19, it was my first full-time job, and everyone else on my team was male,” Christine says. “But the team made me comfortable and safe; everyone was really friendly and approachable. The support I was offered throughout my cadetship and in my role now has been invaluable.”

Christine has seized every opportunity to learn and grow at Mainbrace, steadily growing her career as an Estimator. She says she’s never been treated differently and has had equal opportunities to succeed.

“Mainbrace doesn’t look at gender; it’s more about skills and ability and how well you work with others.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Hannah Cotterell, one of our driven Contract Administrators. Since joining us in 2020, Hannah has gained a rich variety of experience, working alongside the industry’s best on innovative retail builds.

“Mainbrace rewards you based on your efforts and what you’re actually doing; it’s never based on any prejudice. They don’t look at it as whether you’re female or male. It’s about are you doing your work and if you are doing it well.”

Hannah’s knowledge and skillset have grown considerably at Mainbrace. And most importantly, so has her confidence as a female professional in the construction industry.

“There are always opportunities at Mainbrace, no matter your gender. Working with like-minded people, having opportunities to try new things and show what you can do has brought out my confidence.”


At Mainbrace, we value you, not just what you build.

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