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Celebrating 35 Years of Mainbrace

Caring about each other's success

Creating an environment where everyone can build success has been our core purpose for many of those years. Clients, staff, trades, and consultants – working together towards the shared project goal.

Just over a decade ago, we moved from being a generalist builder, to a specialist retail builder, and we’ve expanded into Queensland and Victoria very successfully. We remain committed to finishing on time, with a genuine 98.6% on time completion record across the more than 1800 projects delivered.

There are so many other factors we could recite – but the two that deliver most pride are the tenure of our fantastic team and the number of long-term client relationships. Both reinforce and illustrate the value of working together, respect and caring about each other’s success. It’s amazing what can be achieved when we all stand together.

The ‘coalface’ is our building sites, safely making it all happen. The commitment and dedication of these teams can never be doubted. They relentlessly push through, solving all manner of complexities and issues, literally daily. You’d like to think our industry has got better over the years, but I’m not sure many of our old timers would agree. Paying appropriate respect to getting the fundamentals right upfront (with the inclusion of design) often needs more focus.

We know that if you start well, you almost always finish well.

Looking forward there is a lot for our industry to be excited about. Innovation in construction is ramping up; sustainability continues to permeate our builds and who knows yet where AI will assist.

We feel like data is another key to the future – more insights, better understanding, and potentially transformative for construction, as it has been in sport. We have our finger on the pulse across all these areas to ensure we remain relevant, progressive, and sustainable for another 35 years, but ….

We won’t lose sight of a few fundamentals – if you start well, you almost always finish well; and working together, respecting, and caring about each other’s success will always count for more.

Rob Doust,

Managing Director

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