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GHTC Opens

December 2021

Today is a very proud day for Mainbrace and our client Home Consortium with the opening of Gregory Hills Town Centre Stage 2!

Mainbrace was engaged as the ECI partner by our client Home Consortium and worked very closely with their team to streamline the program, ultimately being able to save them 18 weeks on their timeline with a targeted construction-ready design.

Once the program was agreed, our team got to work. They were focused and dedicated and making great headway before COVID struck, and the site was shut down for 2 weeks. Remarkably, the team did not miss a beat, and the original handover date was met.

It’s been a monumental effort by the team and is a wonderful example of how our work upfront during the ECI phase can make a huge difference to the outcome and success of a project.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

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