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John Brunette

John started with Mainbrace in 2021 as our dedicated Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Manager, to add value to projects from the early design phase and deliver better, smoother, more successful outcomes for customers.

The ECI service enables Mainbrace to better manage risk, identify issues before they arise, control the price, provide design management expertise, ensure the buildability of a project, and optimise time and cost efficiencies for the benefit of customers.

Previously of Cerno Group and Lendlease, John joined Mainbrace with an extensive track record in construction and national rollout projects, and across the full asset and development life cycle from asset planning, masterplanning and design, through to procurement and delivery.

John’s experience on both the client and contractor side enables him to understand client objectives, communicate constraints and provide innovative solutions, ensuring a collaborative experience and a better outcome for all stakeholders.

“When Mainbrace is in the room from the start, we can embed our specialist knowledge of buildability and detailed construction costs, drawing on data to ensure the design is appropriate in a budgetary and a buildability sense, to minimise duplication and avoiding costly re-designs. Early intervention through the ECI service ensures the project’s design is developed in the most efficient manner for construction, ensuring the end product is fully representative of the design, without compromise,” John said.

John works with customers from the outset to leverage Mainbrace’s expertise in staging, sequencing and innovative construction methodology. “This enables Mainbrace to add value through each stage of the design and construction process, in terms of build quality, time and cost efficiencies, risk mitigation and safety outcomes.”

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