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Logical Growth

Momentum in logistics

Mainbrace is surging ahead in the logistics sector! From sleek new builds, to innovative adaptive re-use projects, and beyond – we’ve gone from zero to over $100M in less than 3 years. Why? Because we love the smaller scale logistics and industrial projects and thrive in the live environment that exists in many of these builds.

Spotlight Project: Fife Capital’s New Warehouse’s in Melito
Picture this: A site area spanning over 28,000sqm, along with the three buildings totalling 16,000m2. From a state-of-the-art storage facility seamlessly melding with chic offices, to a chilled storage wonderland, and a dynamic office-warehouse bursting with production potential. Delivered in three stages against a backdrop of pandemic, floods and extreme price escalation. We got it done, dispute free and to the contract program. That’s the Mainbrace difference!

From Carparks to Complex Constructions: The Forresters Project in St Marys
First, came the transformation. Take a mere carpark, add several loading docks, wrap the western side in a sweeping awning. Upgraded services, spruced up facades, and refashion the offices. All were just appetisers for the main course.  A brand new warehouse that we delivered to everyone’s complete satisfaction.  Timely, high-quality, and on-budget.

In diversifying and delivering our first logistics projects, we worked side-by-side with our traditional retail clients.. Today, we’re breaking new ground, partnering with clients beyond retail, undertaking projects, both large and miniature, with the same zeal.

Stay tuned with Mainbrace. Our journey in logistics has just begun, and the road ahead is brimming with promise!

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