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MbRACE Launch – Our Community Program

December 2021

Mainbrace has been supporting local communities for over 30 years and today’s launch of our new corporate program MbRACE is the next evolution of this support.

MbRACE is about helping those in need by empowering our people to give back in a meaningful way, and in a way that’s suitable for them. From today, all Mainbrace employees will be granted volunteering leave to assist any charity in Australia. They will also be given the opportunity to donate to any charity of their choice through workplace giving.

Employees will also be able to participate in our first major national initiative which will raise awareness and much-needed funding for an issue we know from speaking to our people is very close to their hearts: mental illness.

One in four Australians suffer from mental illness. It’s an alarming statistic that requires a dedicated focus and real action. MbRACE is our way of contributing and over the course of the year ahead, we will be coordinating a comprehensive series of fundraising events and initiatives to make a positive difference. At the centre of these will be Mainbrace team members, volunteering their time and playing their part.

Moving forward, through the MbRACE framework, we will be engaging with our people to understand the issues and causes which mean the most to them. Our 30-year commitment to supporting communities is just getting started.

Thank you to Charlotte McGrath and the Community Committee for your dedication in launching this milestone today.

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