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Growing and in good stead

The retail construction industry is facing its fair share of challenges at the moment, yet we’ve delivered over fifteen projects for the likes of Aldi, Fife Capital, Abacus, Vicinity, Harvey Norman, Woolworths, and Coles.

At Oran Park Podium in western Sydney, the major shopping centre expansion is really taking shape and our team is making tremendous progress. The $100 million expansion began as an ECI project and includes a new Coles, childcare centre, extra food court, new outdoor park, and new retailers, to more than double the size of the existing centre. We have 6 months until practical completion and we’re full speed ahead.

We’re also growing our pipeline in the convenience retail & fuel sector and will soon complete a dual service station facility for Ampol in Pheasant’s Nest. Mainbrace has northbound and southbound teams on site progressing to program.

While the project has been complex, requiring careful staging and sequencing, it also includes some impressive sustainability features with three double EV superchargers on each side overlaid with solar canopies, and a 99.9kW solar system on the main building feeding into the centre.

Elsewhere, the NSW Pre-construction team has been busy across the board, and we’ll soon be getting to work on a host of new projects which will put us in good stead in NSW as we kick off FY23.

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