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Nurturing Growth

Mainbrace Queensland’s commitment to excellence

Mainbrace’s growing retail construction pipeline in Queensland demands that we grow our team and deepen our expertise. The people behind our projects are the reason for their success and we’re thrilled to confirm several new promotions for some of the leading lights in our Queensland team.

Samson Reynolds, who has been busy on the Western Freight Management project, has been promoted to the role of Senior Project Manager. Additionally, Jarad Vivian and Steve Boyter have been promoted to our Project Manager ranks.

In taking on these new roles and responsibilities, Samson, Jarad and Steve will also play a key role in nurturing the talent within our ranks. Supporting our people in their endeavour to carve out a meaningful, fulfilling career is a constant focus for us. The intrinsic understanding of the Mainbrace values among our long-standing team members enables them to effectively mentor our young people and cadets, helping to instil in them what it means to be a Mainbracer.

Part of the Mainbrace promise is providing our people with the personal and professional development opportunities to build a challenging, rewarding, long-term career with us. Congratulations to Samson, Jarad and Steve on these well-deserved promotions and for exemplifying the culture which sets Mainbrace apart.

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