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On Target

The benefits of diversity

We’re committed to achieving at least 30% female participation across our retail construction company workforce by 2030. It will represent a mark more than twice the current industry average.

To get to 30% by ‘30, we’ll focus on four key areas: attracting more females to the retail construction industry at a secondary and tertiary education level; directly hiring more women at a faster rate; ensuring a supportive culture across the whole of our organization; and retaining women through work practices, programs, and policies that meet their individual needs.

Managing Director Rob Doust announced the commitment, stating:

I believe different perspectives are important in life and work, and I know first-hand the value and balance female perspective can bring, be it at home, in society or in government. We’re really excited about the wonderful cohort of very capable women we have here and where they and the others to follow, will take us.

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