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Top Ryde City

The increase in mixed use retail and the structural changes occurring across the retail spectrum are creating a new breed of challenging project – to undertake major changes right in the middle – both vertically and horizontally – of a multi story mixed use shopping centre, while it remains trading.

We are not talking adding on to the side, extending out or up. We are talking about right in the very heart of the center. Noise restrictions (very limited night works), essential services compliance, public safety, access and egress all come before construction logistics.

Top Ryde City Shopping Centre required constant careful planning, staging and execution.

Keeping The Centre trading throughout the construction period necessitated effective client, builder and subcontractor relationship and as such teamwork was essential. Ensuring an open and collaborative approach was taken to this project was paramount and undoubtedly contributed to its success.

As the first major stage was unveiled, the client, community as a whole and Mainbrace were very excited and proud of what was delivered.

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