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Real ownership and trust: Why Ben Glastonbury is proud to put his name to every build at Mainbrace

If you’ve ever created something from scratch, you’ll know how satisfying it feels. Times that by 1,000, and you might get an inkling of the pride Ben Glastonbury experiences with every project delivered at Mainbrace. Ben is our Project Manager, leading significant retail builds that impact entire communities. But what truly keeps him at Mainbrace? Ben says it comes down to trust, autonomy, and belonging to an organisation that genuinely cares about its people.


More than a number

The Port Stephens Homemaker Centre car park is in full celebration mode, bustling with thousands of residents, holidaymakers and even roving entertainers. When Ben Glastonbury sees this, he feels a rush of pride. It’s grand opening day for the new shopping centre at Taylors Beach, NSW – a successful retail build completed by Mainbrace and expertly led by Ben as Project Manager.

“It was the biggest project I’d led to date, and it had been a challenging job,” Ben recalls six months later. “We had rain, we had COVID-19 to deal with, we had supply issues with materials. But we finished it, it looked great, and we had a very happy client. To stand back and look at what the team had achieved, I was just super proud. The car park was absolutely chockers for the opening, and it’s been buzzing ever since.”

The 18-month project, completed in early 2023, was a significant milestone for Mainbrace. And for Ben, it reinforced the real, meaningful impact of his team’s work on clients, communities and people’s way of life now and in the future.

“You actually get to see the general public use what you build. Knowing that clients and customers are impressed with what you’ve delivered is a great feeling.”

Since joining Mainbrace in 2015, Ben has found a great place to build his successful career. With a genuine work ethic and team player mindset, he’s grabbed every opportunity to progress. But ask Ben what matters most about working at Mainbrace, and he’ll tell you it’s the people, the teamwork, and a culture that really means something.

“I choose to work for Mainbrace because they care. Mainbrace is super caring about their employees, their clients, and everyone who is part of this business. You never feel like you’re just a number.”


A great place to grow and progress

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Ben was passionate about sports from a young age – and initially saw himself pursuing a very different career path from construction!

“Like just about every young male teenager in the UK, I wanted to be a professional football player. I started playing in primary school and continued throughout high school and my 20s. But eventually, I realised that wasn’t a realistic option.”

After speaking with a careers counsellor at school – and with encouragement from his dad, who ran a scaffolding business – Ben decided to study construction. Qualifying as a Quantity Surveyor in 2006, he arrived in Australia in 2014 on a working holiday visa. Ben enjoyed the Australian lifestyle so much that he decided to stay.

“When my work contracts ended, I had some interviews with a few different construction companies, including Mainbrace. I actually had a bit of choice after that process. What struck me about Mainbrace was the culture – it seemed very warm and friendly. And 100%, that’s what it’s been like ever since I got the role.”

Joining Mainbrace as a Contract Administrator, Ben’s first project with us was a $200 million redevelopment of Narellan Town Centre. Within just two years, he stepped up to Project Supervisor, and in 2019, he was promoted to Project Manager.

Overseeing builds from inception to completion is a big responsibility, but Ben is always up to the task, and he ensures his teams are, too.

“As Project Manager, the buck stays with you. The great thing about Mainbrace is they effectively let you run your project as a business. They give you the responsibility, trust and autonomy to lead the team and make sure operations run smoothly. A huge part of the role is problem-solving. You never know what will get thrown at you, but that’s something I enjoy.”


Quality comes first

Over the years, Ben has worked on several refurbishments and builds at Mainbrace, including Marley Spoon at Wetherill Park and Warrawong Shopping Plaza. Each project has its challenges, but for Ben, that’s what makes them so rewarding. And he knows that each step of the way, he’s backed by an organisation that’s as invested in delivering quality outcomes as he is.

“You have to make money to be a successful business, but that’s not a key driver for Mainbrace. They’re more focused on delivering a good project and the client coming back to work with us again. We get a high percentage of repeat business, and there’s a reason for that, and that’s why I enjoy working at Mainbrace.”

It’s not all about work, though. Ben is a competitive cyclist, enjoys snowboarding, and gets involved in Mainbrace’s range of social events – including bootcamp, yoga and our annual awards night – as much as possible.

His next goal? To step up to Senior Project Manager – something he’s well on the way to achieving. If you’re interested in beginning or progressing your construction career the right way, Ben says you’ll never look back at Mainbrace.

“Mainbrace is a great place to work. They make you feel valued, they listen to you, and there’s plenty of career progression. So, if you’re lucky enough to get offered a role, 100%, go for it.”


At Mainbrace, we value you, not just what you build.

Explore a career with us today.


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