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Rob Doust

Celebrates 30 years with Mainbrace

Nothing is possible without the support and encouragement of a great team, a team that makes coming to work everyday fun, challenging, and incredibly rewarding.

At Mainbrace Constructions, we love celebrating our people and the important milestones they achieve with us. This time it’s our Managing Director Rob Doust who celebrates 30 years with us.

When Rob arrived, Mainbrace was in its infancy. We were finding our feet. No one helped us establish ourselves as Australia’s leading retail builders more than Rob.

On his first project with us, as a Contract Administrator on Menai Marketplace, Rob was green. But his determination was obvious, and that steep early learning curve helped shape him into the leader we now depend on. From roles such as Contract Administrator, Foreman, Project Supervisor, and Project Manager, Rob progressed into Systems and Strategic Management, all the while proving and improving his leadership ability. To say he’s been instrumental in our success story is an understatement; he’s been a leader for most of his time with us and we’re in a strong position today because of him.

Each day, Rob defines our values and leads from the front, helping to drive our 2025 plan. Away from the office and the site, Rob is all about his family, motorsport, and of course golf & cricket.

For the past 30 years, we’re sure his family is proud of him. As are we. Congratulations Rob, and thanks.

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