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The Better Challenge

October 2021

A group of us at Mainbrace were ready to do BETTER, and decided to participate in the The Kids’​ Cancer Project ‘Better Challenge’.

We pledged to walk, run or roll 90km each across the month of September.

Why 90km? 90 represents the number of children who are diagnosed with cancer each month in Australia. As many as 90% of those children who survive will go on to develop one or more chronic health conditions in their lifetime.

How you can do better? The Kids Cancer Project created The Better Challenge to raise funds because they believe the only way to improve outcomes for kids with cancer is through advances in medical research.

Thank you to everyone who participated in The September Better Challenge – whether you walked, ran, or rolled (on a bike or in a pram).

We walked 4,299km and were able to raise almost $5000 ($4585). What an effort! That money is going to make a difference in helping those amazing scientists find kinder and more effective cancer treatments for kids which will lead to them having a better and brighter future!

Gooooo TEAM!

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