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Want a place that values you, not just what you build?

Let’s be real – you can earn money anywhere. But here, you’ll get so much more. That’s because at Mainbrace, there’s no ego or politics – just teamwork, honesty and fun. We mean what we say and we do what we promise – and our promise is next-level care and support from all corners of the company. But don’t just take our word for it. Here, our people reflect on what truly sets our culture apart.

Next-level care and support

For Project Manager Ben Glastonbury, great culture begins at the top. Leadership is about respect, empathy and working with people to achieve a common goal, and he sees this in action every day at Mainbrace.

“I choose to work for Mainbrace because they care. Mainbrace is super caring about their employees, their clients, and everyone who is part of this business. You never feel like you’re just a number.

“We had a project management workshop recently, where we talked about the difference between a leader and a boss; the difference between leading a team forward and someone at the top, barking orders at the rest. In my experience, Mainbrace is not a boss; it’s a leader. One of Mainbrace’s core values is teamwork, so it doesn’t matter if someone might be a step down from you on paper; we talk to each other like we’re on the same level.

“I have friends at other construction companies, and I believe the difference with Mainbrace is it’s a lot more personable. The leaders and directors are so approachable. Once you get to those big companies, you would never see a director, let alone be able to walk into their office and have a chat with them.”


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