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Want to join a team that’s working smarter, not harder?

At Mainbrace, there’s no doubt our teams go above and beyond. But we’re investing ahead of the pack to find new ways of working smarter, not harder to ensure a better balance and an industry where everyone can thrive. We talked to our people about how we’re striving for better – from flexibility and work-life balance to sustainability targets and more.

A more sustainable future

At Mainbrace, we’re steadily working towards our target of being carbon neutral by 2025. That means we’re constantly exploring ways to limit our current emissions and waste production. Contract Administrator Hannah Cotterell says our sustainability practices are already positively impacting our business, clients and the construction industry.

“Businesses need to evolve with the nature of what’s happening in the world, and Mainbrace is always looking to progress. We have a lot of environmental targets we’re focusing on at the moment. We’ve introduced an initiative called Skip the Bin, so if there’s been a demolition or there are leftover bricks or plasterboard on a site, site personnel can re-use that material instead of it being sent to landfill. That’s a good way to help minimise construction waste.

“We also have really close relationships with our clients, so if they’ve got certain sustainability targets they’re trying to achieve, we’ll be right behind them trying to achieve the same targets. Our clients appreciate that; they know we’re a company that wants to help them and work with them.”


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