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Want to be a key player in every win? Get stuck into projects that matter, built by you

At Mainbrace, we’re all about taking nothing and turning it into something. We’ve built a trusted reputation as Australia’s leading retail builder, and that’s thanks to the integrity and care of every Mainbracer. Read on as our people share their stories of innovative projects that benefit entire communities and why they’re proud to put their name to every build.


Integrity and care from every Mainbracer

Project Manager Nick Banfield is currently working on a project that will positively change the face of a community for generations to come. But what truly matters to Nick is the meaningful impact a project can have on his team members as they band together to get the job done.

“The project we’re working on at the moment, Harpley Town Centre, will be the retail and social hub for that area. It’s a new shopping complex for a new estate near Werribee. It’s by far the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. It’s also the biggest project we’ve done in Victoria. We did the sod-turning ceremony, and the mayor was there, as well as other people in the community who wanted to see it and be involved. So far, it’s going well. We’ve got a fantastic team, and the client is great to work for.

“There’s always a see-sawing of emotions with projects. Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre was a super challenging project, but it’s one I will look back on for the rest of my career. We had a great team that banded together to get a really successful end result. Half the Melbourne office was there, putting furniture together, moving pot plants around and helping out. We even sent one of the Cadets on a plane that afternoon to Sydney to get tiles we couldn’t get in Victoria. He went to the warehouse in Sydney, got the tiles, then jumped back on a plane, and those tiles were laid that night for the opening the next morning.

“I love that feeling – that last big push to make a project happen. When you sit back and look at what the team’s achieved, it makes you feel really proud. We call it the Mainbrace way, where everyone gets in to help each other out.”


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