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A place that values you: Why Jed Wright chooses to build his sustainable career at Mainbrace

As a young building contractor and keen surfer, Jed Wright loved balancing work and play. Yet, he was also full of ambition, and when the time was right for a full-time role at Mainbrace, he seized it wholeheartedly. Since then, Jed has steadily built a successful career, done the right way. Now with a young family, our Site Manager values that at Mainbrace, he can be present in all areas of his life – and still catch the odd wave!


A solid foundation

There’s something about getting stuck into projects that matter and feeling real ownership of what you do. Jed Wright got his first taste of this in 2011 when he joined Mainbrace as a Foreman, working on innovative retail builds that benefit communities across Queensland and New South Wales.

It was a world away from professional soccer player – Jed’s dream job growing up! Yet, Mainbrace was where this qualified builder and carpenter found real teamwork, fun, and the tools to build a solid foundation for his sustainable career.

“I was living at Byron Bay at the time, doing contract work at Mainbrace – mainly smaller fit-outs,” Jed says. “Mainbrace would fly us somewhere around Australia, I’d do a month’s work, then have some time off to go surfing. Even though it was contract work, I liked the security Mainbrace provided. There was always work, and the people I worked with were great.”

When we approached Jed to join us as a full-time Foreman, he was still enjoying his work-on, work-off lifestyle. But he’d already begun to think of the long-term and knew he didn’t want to be on the tools forever.

“Because I’d played a lot of sport, I had a lot of injuries, and my body was feeling the effects. I saw some of the older builders still on the tools, and although I enjoy building, I didn’t want to do it at that stage of life. Becoming a full-time Supervisor at Mainbrace meant I could reach that goal sooner and transition to larger structural projects with bigger site-based crews.”

Jed’s career has gone from strength to strength ever since. Today, our Gold Coast-based Site Manager feels the satisfaction of seeing major projects through from start to finish every day. With care and integrity, he leads his teams to ensure builds are completed safely and on time.

Although each project is full of variety and challenge, one thing remains the same: Jed’s ability to grab opportunities and progress his sustainable career.

“At Mainbrace, you can go as far as you want. They definitely provide the opportunity if you seek it. I’ve always been one to push myself and think about where I want to go in the future, and I’ve been really supported in that here.”


Feel real ownership of every build

Jed has worked on some truly impactful developments with Mainbrace, including The Pines Elanora, Yamanto Central (our largest project in Queensland) and Woolworths Cabarita Beach.

“Cabarita was a really interesting project. It involved the construction of a new supermarket and double basement carpark. There were a lot of challenges due to the proximity to the ocean and the depths we had to dig down. Because the water table was so high, we had to make sure we were dewatering to the right depth.”

Yet, the project Jed is most proud of is the expansion and refurbishment of Market Square Deception Bay in mid-2023 – the first large project he managed by himself.

“We had a great team, and for it to run so well and be successful was really nice. There’s always challenges with being a Site Manager, but I love that problem-solving aspect. It’s about looking at the design, thinking ahead, coming up with solutions, and having a good working relationship with the consultants, engineers and architects. One thing I’ve learnt at Mainbrace is that half the battle is your people skills and how you communicate.”

Just as important is the ability to nurture and feel part of a collaborative, can-do team. And at Mainbrace, Jed values being part of a culture that really means something.

“We have end-of-job functions, where Mainbrace puts aside a certain amount of money from a project, and the whole team decides how they’ll celebrate, whether it’s playing golf or going out for lunch. We also have a Christmas picnic – my sons just love it. Scotty, our Director, he dresses up as Santa. That’s one thing I like about Mainbrace – I know all the directors. It’s not a big corporation where you can never talk to them. At Mainbrace, they’re always there.”


Next-level care and support

Since joining us in 2011, Jed has not only grown as a professional – he’s also grown a family! As a dad to two young, energetic boys, Jed appreciates having the support and flexibility he needs to ensure his family always comes first.

“When I first started at Mainbrace, I spent a lot of time working away. Then, when I met my wife and we started our family, they knew I couldn’t travel as much and were very accommodating. Mainbrace has always been very supportive of anything to do with my family. I can take my kids to soccer and be involved in their milestones. For me, Mainbrace is very family orientated – they care about our families’ wellbeing.”

Jed’s advice if you’re looking for a great place to progress your construction career is that you’ll find the tools, growth and experts to make it happen at Mainbrace.

“If you work for it, the rewards will come. Mainbrace definitely acknowledges hard work and values your effort and input. So, if you’re keen to be part of a company that’s supportive of you and your family, it’s a great organisation to work for.”


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